Certified MedDRA Coder

Certified MedDRA Coder

Certified MedDRA Coder

CMC Examination

The Certified MedDRA Coder (CMC) examination is an online assessment of one’s knowledge of MedDRA coding and of the MedDRA Term Selection: Points to Consider (PTC) document. The CMC examination includes short verbatim questions requiring single answers and narrative questions from which various data (e.g., medical history, indication, events, etc.) can be coded.

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Cost: $200 USD
Length of Examination: 90 minutes

Corporate discounts available. For more information contact the CMC Help Desk

The CMC is one of the fee-based services of the MSSO contractor. The ICH MedDRA Management Committee recognizes the importance of continuous MedDRA training as a best practice and the value of a coding certification. However it is not within its scope to offer such a certification and it is not a regulatory requirement.

Certified MedDRA Coder: Examination Preparation Training

This webinar is designed to aid examinees in their preparation for the CMC examination.

Cost: $125
Course Length: 1 hour

Certified MedDRA Coder: Free Practice Examination

This is a short, free practice examination to give you a sense of what the real CMC examination is like. Explanations for correct answers are provided. To access the Practice Examination, you need to register first.

Before you register:

  • Have a working knowledge of the principles of MedDRA term selection as outlined in the MedDRA Term Selection PTC document, including preferred options. The current examination uses MedDRA Version 26.0 Update (from March 2023) and the Term Selection PTC, Release 4.23.
  • Prepare for the examination (even experienced coders)
  • Please review sample questions – short verbatims and narratives
  • Please review screen shots of the examination format
  • You will need a computer with internet access. We recommend taking the online CMC examination through a direct connection to the internet, not through a Virtual Private Network (VPN) connection.
  • You are free to use any reference materials or software tools during the examination. We recommend using a MedDRA browsing tool to eliminate typing errors which are considered wrong answers.
  • CAUTION: You must complete the entire examination in one session (90 minutes). You will not be allowed to log out and return later to complete the examination.

The CMC Examination is a service of Peraton Corporation and is not a program or service under the auspices of the International Federation of Pharmaceutical Manufacturers and Associations (IFPMA), MedDRA Management Committee, or ICH.

You will need a credit card to register.

The following are basic instructions for registering for the CMC examination. Also available are detailed instructions including screenshots.

1. Go to the CMC Examination log in page

2. Click Need to create a new user account? link below the login fields.

3. Fill in the following fields to create your account:

  • Your name as you would like it to appear on your CMC certificate
  • Login – select a name to use when logging in to the CMC examination. NOTE: Do not include spaces in the login name. For example, if you choose to login as John Doe, enter JohnDoe
  • Email address – this is where your pass/fail notification and CMC certificate will be sent
  • Email (validate) – enter your email address again to validate
  • Password – create a password you would like to use. NOTE: Do not include spaces in the password. For example, you could use XXYYZZ, but not XX YY ZZ
  • Password (validate) – enter your selected password again
  • You may ignore the Time Zone Default and Time Zone Override fields
  • Please keep track of your login name and password. You will need these again to re-take the CMC examination for any purpose.

4. When complete, click the Create New User button.

5. To take the CMC examination, you need to submit your credit card information. Click the PayPal icon.

6. If you already have a PayPal account, you may purchase your CMC examination through your existing account. If you do not have a PayPal account, fill in all of the required information and click on Agree and Continue.

7. After paying by credit card, the initial examination page opens. Click on Start Taking this Test to begin. If you wish to take the test at a later time, click on Not interested in taking this test?

Following registration and payment, you will have up to 30 calendar days to take the examination; otherwise, payment will be forfeited.

Upon completing the examination, you will receive an email indicating if you have passed or failed; a score will not be provided. Your certificate will be emailed to you within thirty days. If you have not received your certificate by then, please notify the CMC Help Desk.

Payment will not be returned if you fail the examination. However, if you wish to re-take the examination, the fee will be reduced to $100 USD.

CMC certification is valid for five years from the date you passed the examination.

1. Upon which version of MedDRA are the Certified MedDRA Coder examination questions based?

The CMC examination questions are updated once a year to correspond with the implementation date of the March release of MedDRA version xx.0. The examination update occurs in early May. The precise dates are posted on the MedDRA MSSO website.

2. Once I pass the CMC examination, will I have credentials?

Yes. A MedDRA coder will become certified and eligible to use "CMC" after their name. Certificates are sent within 30 days of passing the exam.

3. What if someone (e.g., a prospective employer) would like to verify my certification status? What should I do?

Send an email to the CMC Help Desk (CMChelp@peraton.com) with the name and email address of the person you wish to receive verification of your CMC examination status along with your certificate number. The CMC Help Desk will only send verification to individuals that the test taker identifies, and we will only include the status (i.e., Pass or Fail) and not the specific score of the examination.

4. Is the CMC certificate required by regulatory authorities or a recommended Best Practice by the MedDRA Management Committee?

The CMC is one of the fee-based services of Peraton Corporation. The ICH MedDRA Management Committee recognizes the importance of continuous MedDRA training as a best practice and the value of a coding certification. However it is not within its scope to offer such a certification and it is not a regulatory requirement.

5. What is a passing score for the CMC examination?

A score of 70% is required to pass the exam. All questions require a response.

6. What is the format of the CMC examination?

There are 50 short verbatim questions which require you to select a single LLT as the correct answer. There are also three narrative vignettes that require you to select at least one or, typically, multiple LLTs for each vignette. Note that the examination is not a multiple choice format. You will have to select the appropriate LLTs from a MedDRA browser. Please be sure you have access to a browser before you take the examination. No browser is presented to you in the examination itself.

7. When is the CMC examination given?

The CMC exam is online and can be taken at any time.

8. If I fail the exam, can I re-take it at a reduced fee?

Yes. You will have up to 90 days to re-take the examination at the reduced fee of $100 USD per retake.

9. How long is the Certified MedDRA Coder (CMC) certification valid?

The Certified MedDRA Coder (CMC) certification is valid for five years. To renew the certification, you will need to take the examination at the end of the five year period. Please retain your logon information as you will need it to access the examination. Contact the CMC Help Desk if you need to retrieve this information.

10. How should I prepare to take the examination?

As the Certified MedDRA Coder examination is a rigorous test of your coding ability and knowledge, it is highly recommended that you fully prepare for the CMC examination, even if you are a "seasoned" MedDRA coder. You may:

1) attend the one hour Certified MedDRA Coder Examination Preparation webinar (several sessions are available);
2) form a study group with your colleagues; and/or
3) study the MedDRA Term Selection: Points to Consider document.
4) take the free CMC PRACTICE Examination. To take this examination, please register first. Next, select "Click here to take a test." Then select the CMC Practice Examination.

11. Does the CMC examination require that the LLTs selected for the "narrative vignette" questions be in the same order as the events, indications, etc. are listed in the question?

No. The LLT answers for the "narrative vignette" questions need only be complete, but the order they are listed in your answer is not important. However, please be sure to include the "@" symbol between each LLT, as described in the question instructions.

12. Are LLT answers to the CMC examination case sensitive?

No. The LLT answers in the CMC examination are not case sensitive.

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