Certified MedDRA Coder

CMC Exam Sample Questions

Identifier Sample Question Appropriate MedDRA Term at LLT level Appropriate MedDRA Term at LLT level Appropriate MedDRA Term at LLT level MTS:PTC Reference PTC Section COMMENTS Explanation
NARR EX A 78-year-old male was receiving drug X for hypertension in a randomized clinical trial. His past medical history was significant for a mild myocardial infarction that occurred post-operatively after a routine colonoscopy. He presented with a 2 day history of fever, severe malaise, and a productive cough. Community acquired pneumonia was suspected. Hypertension Indication for Product Use 3.26 For the narrative questions, you will be expected to code all indications, events (including procedures and investigations as needed), and medical and social history data according to the Term Selection: PTC principles.
Post procedural myocardial infarction Always Select a Lowest Level Term 2.4
Colonoscopy Investigation terms without qualifiers 3.14.5
Fever Definitive and Provisional Diagnoses with or without Signs and Symptoms. Preferred option. 3.1 In this example, note that LLTs of Fever, Malaise, Productive cough, and Community acquired pneumonia were chosen to reflect the preferred option for a single provisional diagnosis with signs and symptoms.
Productive cough
Community acquired pneumonia
VBT EX 1 Turned blue Unevaluable event Unevaluable reaction Reaction unevaluable Vague information 3.4.3 Note that the verbatim term is vague. Please keep in mind that the single-answer questions on this examination do not have any additional context in which to interpret a vague verbatim term.
VBT EX 2 Lab tests showed severe hyperkalaemia Hyperkalaemia Hyperkalemia Results of investigations as ARs/AEs 3.14.1 Note that the verbatim term uses the British English spelling of hyperkalaemia. Full credit is given for LLT Hyperkalaemia because this most accurately reflects the reporter's words; only partial credit is given if LLT Hyperkalemia - the US spelling - is selected.
VBT EX 3 Newborn baby was in a coma Coma neonatal Age vs. event 3.6 Remember to be aware for subtle details (in this case, the patient's age) in the examination question.
VBT EX 4 Cardiomyopathy secondary to diabetes mellitus Diabetic cardiomyopathy Combination terms 3.5.3
VBT EX 5 By mistake, the pharmacist dispensed Drug X instead of Drug Y. Wrong drug dispensed Medication error 3.15.1 If you do not code medication errors, product quality terms, and device related information very frequently, you are encouraged to review these sections of the Term Selection PTC before taking the certification examination.