Certified MedDRA Coder

CMC Examination Format

The CMC examination consists of short verbatim and narrative questions.

You will have 90 minutes to complete the examination. After 40 minutes of inactivity (no mouse clicks or typing), the application will time out.

The format of the short verbatim questions is shown below. Note that, for each short verbatim question, only one MedDRA term should be selected.

Short Verbatim Questions

The format of the narrative vignette questions is shown below. Note that for each narrative vignette question, multiple answers may be possible.

Narrative Vignette 1

Narrative Vignette 2

After you have answered all questions on the page, click on Submit–Forward to answer the next question, Submit– Back, or Open Bookmark to go to another question.

The Bookmark page is shown below. By clicking on its number, you may select any question, including ones you have previously answered, should you wish to review or change your answer. Clicking on Return brings you back to the question you were last on.

Bookmark 1

Bookmark 2

IMPORTANT: Once you have completed all the questions, you must be on � or navigate to � the last page to click on Save and Finish.

Save and Finish